Hello! I am a Ph.D student in political science studying applied statistics. I write about my research, statistics, computing, and occasionally climbing. Some of my recent work is below.


The Genteel Poverty of the Graduate Student
ways to avoid being excessively poor in graduate school
Real-World Examples in Methods Papers
real-world examples in methods papers should be examples for applied researchers to follow
Boulder, Colorado June 2014
hiking and climbing in and around Boulder
Statistical Education in Political Science
research design, probability, and mathematical statistics are necessary to a good statistical education


"Data Mining as Exploratory Data Analysis" (with Fridolin Linder)

tl;dr: observational data often cannot support casual inference and statistical learning is a good way to do exploratory data analysis
presented at POLMETH 2014
the code, data, R package, and poster

"An Empirical Evaluation of Explanations for State Repression" (with Daniel W. Hill Jr.)

American Political Science Review 2014, 108(3): 661-687
tl;dr: null-hypothesis significance testing is over/mis-used, model validation is important, and democracy/civil conflict partially measure state repression
presented at Peace Science 2013
the code, data in an archive, online appendix, a summary post, the anynomous referee reviews, and our response memos (round 1 and round 2)

"Git/GitHub, Transparency, and Legitimacy in Quantitative Research"

The Political Methodologist 2013, 21(1): 6-7
tl;dr: revision control (git) can help make research more transparent and reproducible
official blog post, preprint, and previous version



R package containing functions useful for exploratory data analysis using random forests
created in support of "Data Mining as Exploratory Data Analysis"


scrapes and cleans the United Nations treaty data using Python and transforms it using R