Hello! I am a Ph.D student in political science studying applied statistics.


"On the Epistemology of Statistics"

articles that changed my thinking on what/how we can learn from data

"Statistical Education in Political Science"

research design, probability, and mathematical statistics are necessary to a good statistical education


"Data Mining as Exploratory Data Analysis" (with Fridolin Linder)

tl;dr: observational data often cannot support casual inference and statistical learning is a good way to do exploratory data analysis
presented at POLMETH 2014 (poster)
the code (on GitHub), data (on request), and R package

"An Empirical Evaluation of Explanations for State Repression" (with Daniel W. Hill Jr.)

American Political Science Review 2014, 108(3): 661-687
tl;dr: null-hypothesis significance testing is over/mis-used, model validation is important, and democracy/civil conflict partially measure state repression
presented at Peace Science 2013
the code (on GitHub), data (*.zip), and online appendix
the anynomous referee reviews, and our response memos for rounds 1 and 2
a summary post



R package containing functions useful for exploratory data analysis using random forests
created in support of "Data Mining as Exploratory Data Analysis"