Hello! I am a Ph.D student in political science studying applied statistics. I write about my research, academia, statistics, computing, and occasionally adventures!

Real-World Examples in Methods Papers
real-world examples in methods papers should be examples for applied researchers to follow
Boulder, Colorado June 2014
hiking and climbing in and around Boulder
Statistical Education in Political Science
research design, probability, and mathematical statistics are necessary to a good statistical education
An Empirical Evaluation of Explanations for State Repression
null-hypothesis significance testing is over/mis-used, predictive validity is important, and democracy/civil conflict partially measure state repression
Data Mining as Exploratory Data Analysis
statistical learning should often be used in observational studies w/o (as-if) randomization
On Academic Publishers
publishing could be nearly free and for-profit publishers don't add value to academic research
Identification, Public Policy, and Marijuana Legalization
causal inference (necessary for policy recommendations imo) with observational data is often hard or impossible
GNU Make for Reproducible Data Analysis
how to use GNU Make to make your research more reproducible
An Analysis of Polity IV and its Components
Gleditsch and Ward (1997) aren't quite correct and Polity is mis/over-used
Setting up OSX for Data Analysis
set up Emacs, R, Python, and Julia with Homebrew
Git/GitHub, Transparency, and Legitimacy in Quantitative Research
revision control (git) can help make research more transparent and reproducible
Analyzing Data from the Titanic
predicting who survived the Titanic using a GLM and a GAM
Math Education and Political Science
math camp is no substitute for years of undergraduate math
Defense Cuts and the "Revolution in Military Affairs"
why doesn't the Powell Doctrine work? (it's politicians)
Stress Physiology and Graduate School
a summary of "Why Zebra's Don't Get Ulcers" (a book on stress) adapted for graduate students